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Hey, so I was just looking at your site and saw the glo carts. I bought one two weeks ago and really loved it! I like the size and the power. If you have any other deals on them please let me know. Your products are the best of the best.

Kirstin / Toronto

I have tried many different carts, some were ok, some were terrible. Yours are the best, they give me the perfect high thanks

Mike / New York

I have been a medical marijuana patient for over 8 years and I have never tried your products, until I went to the Denver 420 Rally. My first time trying your products was amazing and I love them, thanks for being there for us.

Andy / Colorado

I have worked in dispensaries for years and these carts are the best ones I’ve ever seen. No more watery extracts, and a much better end product. This is great for anyone who wants to be taken seriously while they work their craft.

Jane / Los Angeles

I wanted to let you know how wonderful the carts are. After I used them for awhile I found out that the carts I had been using were not real Glo Extracts and were in fact knock offs. You might want to contact your resellers and see if they are selling the real Glo Extracts or knock offs because they are night and day difference.

Loyd / Washington

Mom loves it. My mom is a cancer patient and her oncologist suggested she should try this product. She purchased it online, and I delivered it to her home.

Brigit / Maine

I hope you guys are doing well, I am just dropping a line to let you know that your carts are still selling like crazy, we sent in our tax paperwork and it looks like we tripled our revenue this year thanks to your carts, we have a few more stores opening up soon and will be purchasing more carts. Thanks again for the awesome service.

Ariel / Guam

Glo is the best brand of carts I have ever bought. The carts are very durable and the price is great.

Monica / Arizona

Glo Extract carts are high quality. As a vape business owner I can tell you they’re the best out there. Check them out, they’ll make your products look like top shelf even if they’re bottom shelf.

Joe / Virginia

Hi, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your products. They are honestly the best I have ever used; they give me the perfect high thanks!

Antonio / New Mexico

I own a delivery service that drives around town delivering cannabis and I only use Glo Extract carts because they are reliable, safe and efficient. Thanks for making such a great product.

Ian / Palo Alto

I have been a cashier for many years and I have seen a lot of carts in my day. I never thought they would be able to make the perfect cart, but you guys proved me wrong. The wheels, the finish, and everything else is top notch.

Kevin / Las Vegas