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Glo Extracts is a new disposable vape cartridge made in California. These 10 milligram cartridges are packaged in a number of ready-made flavors for vaping, including strawberries and cream, grape, mango and kiwi. I’ve been vaping for about a year now and I found that the disposable Glo cartridges are much more discreet than other vapes. In addition, you don’t have to choose between stealth or discretion. You can take your Glo cart everywhere with you; from parties to the gym, from work to parties, from class to class, from the mall to work.

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Glo Extracts are made in the USA, tested over 150 batches and come in a variety of flavors. You can get a cart of Glo Extract cartridges online to make your next marijuana session epic. Our 100% THC oil adds medicinal value to your next puff so you can enjoy quality cannabis without needing an ounce of flower. Get the best packaging when you buy from us. You will feel the luxury from the package box to the glo case. Our weed carts have the highest percentage of THC in the market. Note: we don’t sell fake carts. As the manufacturers of these weed carts, we make sure our have the highest percentage THC vape oil in our products to give you the ultimate experience.

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glo extracts
How to Buy Our Products Online

Browse through our website and you will find a plethora of our special flavors ready-made for your vaping needs. Place your order and proceed to payment. Once confirmed you receive a tracking code for your package

How to Verify Our Products Online

Our vape packaging is special. The box comes with a QR code that can be scanned and checked for verification

Where to Buy Glo Carts

With lots of fake vendors in the market it is difficult to get our real carts. We’ve made the procedure easy. Go to our official website and do a vape mail order or visit our physical store to purchase our vape carts.

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Glo Extract Carts is one of the best products on the market. This product features high-quality marijuana extractions that are tested over 150 times to make sure they are safe and potent. Glo Extract Carts is made right here in the USA and sells for a fair price without having to break the bank. Try some today—we think you’ll be impressed!